Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why doesn't Rush read the whole article before he rants about it?

omg- I listened to Rush yesterday because I was curious. He read a comment from an article on cancer testing and started ranting before reading the whole article. As he read on, you could tell he realized that he kinda agreed with the article so he backtracked and blamed the article on what Obama is trying to do with healthcare and I thought, ';What is this man on? I thought he was clean now.'; Honestly, he sounds like a lunatic.Why doesn't Rush read the whole article before he rants about it?
Mo is 100% correct, what is your problem?

At least Rush did not pull CNN's Rick Sanchez thing , and just made up quotes, to support his point.


A:~)Why doesn't Rush read the whole article before he rants about it?
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I did not hear what he said and therefore cannot comment on it either way. However, I do wish good people like yourself would turn a bit of that scrutiny on what the Government is trying to do and whom they have selected to hold positions of power. Rush Limbaugh may be one hell of a radio personality but he has no power like the Government does. He is much less a threat to anyone than the Federal Government.

That would mean he had compassion and a heart for those less fortunate than him. Rush is man to divide us as a nation and to make people angry. He's an a%%h%ole. %26gt;%26lt;
Maybe he's still getting high. Rush like to get his base fire up. It's all about us against them. He's divisive. IMO he's a hate and fear monger. +++
That's how he makes his money ranting, stirring up trouble and keeping us divided as a nation. %26gt;0
Rush can read!?
He sounds like a lunatic because he is ... was there a full moon last night?
Try listening to the talking heads on the Left sometime. They rant about things they've never even read.

I do listen to Rush sometimes and know for a fact that he reads the entire article prior to ever commenting on it. The fact that he only reads portions aloud over the air, does not mean that he doesn't know what he is talking about, or that he is ';ranting';.

You considered what he said to be a rant, because you only listened to a few minutes of his broadcast and you listened with a closed mind.
To the first poster, I agree that making mistakes is perfectly acceptable. However, as a radio icon, he should have read the complete article BEFORE incorporating it on his show and wasting everyone's time by making irrelevant comments. Secondly, I apologize for making mistakes and expect others to do the same. Once he realized his mistake, he should have apologized, corrected it and moved on with the show. Trying to shift the blame and negaitive attention on anyone is juvenile and should be avoided.
So out of yesterdays show that is all you got? He was dead on about most everything else, did that offend you? You currently have a tax cheat as treasury secretary, thoughts? a few in the cabinet talking about a brutal dictator as if he was a prophet? Problems? A few congressman that should be tried for corruption (on both sides)? Once again, any issues? I think you miss the point Rush is making.

****** is that what Sharpton and his media lynch mob did after misquoting Rush? Libeled the guy out of an opportunity to be a minor owner of a football team. Any apologizes? Nope, so only the Republicans need apologize?
Rush is a morbidly obese racist redneck. He's also illiterate, so he obviously did not read the article. But he was probably too busy popping Oxy and illegally smuggled Viagra while licking Cheeto crumbs off his rolls of fat to care about sources anyway.

Rush Limbaugh only appeals to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR.

God doesn't exist.
apparently you only listened to a couple of minutes of the segment...if you had been truly listening (which is suspect now), he was actually tying it into something called ';political timing'; concerning the heathcare debate. i'm not going to waste my time offering opinion on this, here's the link for you to read the transcript to get the context of the segment....鈥?/a>
Well, you say he backtracked when he ';realized'; he ';kinda agreed';

What else would you want him to do? I dont understand the problem with that. If what you say is true why is that so bad? Everyone makes mistakes now and then (except Obama, that is. LOL)
I don't know what instance you are speaking of but don't see the problem?

If he took something out of context, realized it and backtracked changing his line of thought, that seems human.

I'd like to see some of that from the current administration.
I don't understand any kind of fuss about radio and tv personalities.
The man isn't a lunatic just because you don't like him or his way of stating an opinion.

Is he obnoxious? Yes. But ALL the mouth pieces for both sides are. Get over it. None of them are worth listening to no matter WHAT party they claim to support.

Here's an idea, turn off the radio and pick up a newspaper. And more than one, and actually read the things instead of waiting to hear what some blow hard has to say about it. You'll be better informed that way and your opinion on the issue won't be influenced by some windbag radio personality.

Is Pancha still here ranting her racist bullshit or was she finally deported?

She was but they threw her back they did not want her eitherIs Pancha still here ranting her racist bullshit or was she finally deported?
What does this have to do with immigration?Is Pancha still here ranting her racist bullshit or was she finally deported?
I may not agree with her thinking, but I don't know here enough to hate her, either.

You are just mean. . .
you're dumb.
So what do you call your ignorant, racist, bigoted fecal question?

Like hadenough always asks, why does she scare you so much? LOL
Hey leave Pancha alone or she will get her dick to kick your azz. she's probably in Mexico having a good time with her dick before she ships off.
No, she's hanging around here some were. Welcome back haven't seen you for awhile.
she was on earlier today ranting away i cant recall about what probably about if the illegals leave she cant get a decent placenta Popsicle anymore lol
She was born in Texas.

PLACENTA popsicle! LOL!

hayleylov, that's terrible...
Where have you been??? Haven't seen you on for a while.

I think Pancha was on earlier, but i'm not sure.
Pancha is legal you stupid idiot. She probably went to the military already. You sound Racist to me. What cause she is Latina she gotta be illegal?
hope she has been deported
Oh come on now, she was entertaining and you could always pick up a couple of points by telling her off - so she was good for something.
Well look at Leif Ericson, an outlaw who tried to set out to explore other countries, worried about what Pancha's doing.

Why hasn't any text-book, evolution-ranting atheist ever made any sense? Is it those comic books they read?

What? Seriously?Why hasn't any text-book, evolution-ranting atheist ever made any sense? Is it those comic books they read?
What confuses you about what atheists say? Oh, and most don't read comic books. Ask a true question, don't just rant, and maybe these 'nonsensical' atheists will give you a clear, simple, easy to understand answer. Asking for clarification nicely is one thing. Ranting because you might not understand something is another thing altogether.Why hasn't any text-book, evolution-ranting atheist ever made any sense? Is it those comic books they read?
You can try and force God down my throat, but when you insult comic books, that crosses a line, FUCKTARD!

And why make references to textbooks? You obviously haven't touched one in a long while. I still dont understand your question.

And I'm assuming your trolling, so i'm trolling right back.
No. Very few adults still read comics. (except manga ^_^)

Have you ever tried to break down what they're saying, looking up words you don't understand, and look at what they're trying to convey with a grain of salt?
Why hasn't any bible thumping, intelligent design-ranting Christian ever made any sense?

See, if you can make generalizations, I can too.
Would be nice if you were more specific about your misconceptions about evolution. What about it do you not understand? Not trying to be mean, just genuinely helpful.
It is no reason to get mad at someone for using words that are too big for you to understand
you need greater than third grade education to understand, perhaps if you went back to grade school remedial classes
Logic fail - Ad Hominem attack.
Have you ever opened a biology book? Im guessing you dropped out of school in the 7th grade.
I have never owned a comic book.

STOP generalizing.

And I make more sense than Christians...
Maybe you ought to consider getting back in school.
Have you considered that the sense may be over your head?
They don;t make sense because you dont want them to
Did school let out early today?

Why don't white members report racist rants against white people at Y/A?

One miscreant got 20 answers to his racist rant, and most of them were from whites. Why aren't white people reporting the racism againt their race?Why don't white members report racist rants against white people at Y/A?
Liberal white man guilt about everything ';white'; people have done in the worldWhy don't white members report racist rants against white people at Y/A?
Sorry, DUDE lol. Racist rants are assumed to include offensive racist rhetoric. I detest racists, period. But I have to agree with the Supreme Court on this one. Don't really care what Yahoo has to say about it.

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It's the same reason there isn't a White History month, or White Entertainment Television, or a White Miss America Pageant, or a White Music Awards. Reverse Racism is the answer to all of the above. And no, I'm not white either. I just despise racism in all its forms. It disgusts me no matter what its source.
If I see any, I'll report it.
When it comes to racism, I only report questions or answers that use racist epithets. That would include the same against the white race, no different. But reporting someone for being racist, if they aren't using crude language, is not what the report button is for. They may be disgusting fools, but they are entitled to their opinion, as long as they aren't flinging around racist epithets. That is what is hard about free speech. We don't always like other people's opinions, especially if they are admitted racists or say, promoting communism.
unlike most liberals, we actually tolerate free speech and believe everyone is entitled to an opinion, with having to bow at the shrine of liberal political correctness. Liberals are ones who actually will not tolerate anything that doesnt fit within their agenda.
I agree, why is it okay for a black comedian to make fun of white people, but not okay for white comedians to make fun of black people. Slavery was a LONG time ago, and no one alive had anything to do with it.
Because in the Politically Correct world, you can't be racist against white people (seriously).
I've never reported anyone.
Why report it? Racism is great.

Has anyone else heard that the Republicans have a tape of Michele O ranting against the USA from the pulpit?

Yes. From the pulpit of their favorite church. They are calling it the October Surprise. I can't wait. They want to wait so he doesn't have a lot of time to talk his way out of it.Has anyone else heard that the Republicans have a tape of Michele O ranting against the USA from the pulpit?
If they did I would have thought that the Clinton's would have unearthed it even if the Republicans kept it under wraps.

However, given that they have already painted her as unpatriotic and she has already stated that there are parts of this country's history she is not proud of I'm not sure such a tape would have much of an effect unless you she uses the words GD the USA.

It would hardly be a surprising revelation.Has anyone else heard that the Republicans have a tape of Michele O ranting against the USA from the pulpit?
No, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit. I don't believe for a minute Obama and his wife didn't participate in any of the hate ranting and raving going on in the Congregation. I also think it is wise if the Republicans aren't releasing it they want Obama to be the nominee. They are fully aware he is a lot easier to beat than Hillary.
I saw part of the video and it is not pretty. I think the Republican is waiting for Obama to be the Democratic nominee and then they will release the video at a time that will cause the most damage. Obama can always give another speech or maybe even denounce his wife.
Yes i read about it here at this link鈥?/a>

actually seeing the tape will be interesting .
No I havent. But I am sure they have something on him. When they are let loose on him.. they will expose him...that is what they are best at. But I wouldnt doubt that there is a tape out there like that.
I would think that if such a tape exists that the Republicans would wait until fall to release it.

It would have a greater shock value in the fall than now.
It is now such common knowledge that if the tape existed it'd be almost impossible to keep under wraps.

I'm thinking there's no tape, but waiting for the scoop.
Yes, I have heard it. Rumor has it that they plan to spring it in the fall, if Obama wins the candidacy.
I heard it was going to be released in Oct.. But everyone has already heard her say she hates this country.....Obama supporters dont seem to care .
what good would it do now...except get hillary the stronger candidate nominated

they will wait ...and save it if they have nothing left to case there was a backlash.
What the hell are they waiting for? But will it matter? America is too eager to get over white guilt to really take a look at Obama or his family/connections.
If there was a tape, they would have released it as they feel that Clinton would be easier to defeat due to her polarizing least to the Republican's minds.
No. Because they don't.

If they did, they would be using it instead of stupid church stuff.

Now produce some proof, why don't you?
If they had it, we would have all seen it by now. They would have released it in a hurry.
no. did you?
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  • Can you name one boxer who rants ';you/they don't know anything 'bout boxing';?

    Just a way to make themselves feel better. They say ';you don't know anything about boxing'; yet they don't even know anything about the person.Can you name one boxer who rants ';you/they don't know anything 'bout boxing';?
    Well i guess Roger mayweather use to be a boxer. he says it to everyone on 24/7 when discussing the boxing wall of fame in mayweathers gym!Can you name one boxer who rants ';you/they don't know anything 'bout boxing';?
    mayweather jr said that to brian kenny.
    Roger Mayweather says that a lot. But he doesnt quite say it so nicely.

    What forums are similar to Craigslist Rants and Raves, except...?

    ... they aren't filled with bigoted morons, but mainly with thoughtful, open-minded people?

    (Yahoo! Answers is an improvement on R and R, but I already know about it, obviously.)What forums are similar to Craigslist Rants and Raves, except...?
    I have seen rants and raves on car forums.